The Wedding Celebration of


Ashford Castle offers several enjoyable activities. We have selected some of our favourites for our guests to enjoy on Saturday, July 15th.

Please note that some of the activities are complimentary and that there will be a charge for others. This is outlined below.

The number of guests in each activity is limited and registration is required.
To register please email your selection by Wednesday, July 5th to Áine Melvin on


Activities Schedule

  • 10:30am – Falconry (Group 1)
  • 10:30am – Historical Tour of the Castle (Group 1)
  • 10:30am – Clay Pigeon Shooting (Group 1)
  • 11:00am – Lough Corrib Boat Cruise
  • 1:00pm – Falconry (Group 2)
  • 1:00pm – Historical Tour (Group 2
  • 1:00pm – Clay Pigeon Shooting (Group 2)


Activities Descriptions


Ireland’s School of Falconry at Ashford Castle is the oldest established Falconry School in the country and offers you the chance to fly hawks around the beautiful Castle grounds during a 60-minute Hawk Walk.
Upon arrival to the Falconry School, you’ll be greeted by your Falconry Instructor and introduced to your hawks. You will learn about their exceptional eyesight, speed, agility and training.

As you walk through the beautiful woodlands, your hawks will closely follow you, flying from tree to tree, before swooping down to land back on your gloved fist – truly, a moment you will never forget.
The walk is 1 hour and cost €50 per person. The cost will be charged to your room account.


Clay Pigeon Shooting

The Ashford sporting clay range features targets that simulate the game typical of this region. Beginners enjoy a pleasant introduction to the sport and a thorough grounding in the safety and etiquette of shooting in general. You’ll meet at the Equestrian Centre to meet your instructor who will then direct you to the shooting range.
The activity is 1 hour and cost €75 per person. The cost will be charged to your room account.

Lough Corrib Boat Cruise

Enjoy a 90-minute boat cruise on Lough Corrib, the largest, and most beautiful lake in the Republic of Ireland. Local guides will captain this tour, featuring breathtaking views of Ashford Castle and the Connemara Mountains, as well as a stop at Inchagoill Island, home to a beautiful 5th century church thought to be the same age as St. Patrick.
This activity is complimentary but as there are limited places on the tours, registration is required.

Historical Tour of the Castle

Discover the history of Ashford Castle, extending back to 1228 and once home to the famous Guinness family. Local historian, Fintan O’Gorman, will guide an interesting and fact-filled tour of the castle and its grounds, answering questions about the original inhabitants and telling memorable stories of its rich history.
This activity is complimentary but as there are limited places on the tours, registration is required.


Ashford Castle has beautiful 9 hole, 2996 yards par 35 parkland course is perfect for golfers of all abilities to hone their skills. The course, the original deer park of the estate, was designed by the renowned Irish golf architect Eddie Hackett and imaginatively integrates a wide variety of natural features and hazards to create tough par 3s, exciting par 4s and a formidable par 5. Tee times are complimentary to wedding guests and Ashford Castle provides the best Titleist clubs, top of the range all-terrain trolleys which aerate the course as they’re wheeled along. Please visit Ashford Castle’s website for more information –
Please note: Advance bookings are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Bikes, Hikes, Billiards, Darts, Tennis

At your leisure and complimentary for wedding guests. Please visit Ashford Castle’s website for more information –


Your presence at our wedding is the best gift to us. Should you wish to treat us further, you can donate to one of our gift funds below. Alternatively, we will also follow the Chinese tradition of red packets in lieu of gifts. Cheques should be made out to Peter Richard McNulty or Grace Erica Wang and given to us in person.

Click on a gift fund below and you will be directed to the payment website.

We’re going to Tanzania! It’s Peter’s first time on safari and Grace is looking forward to seeing her favourite animal! Hint: starts with an H, 5 – 12 letters

Peter wants ten babies, I want two. Hopefully we can meet in the middle somewhere!

Help us build a nest egg for our future dream home! Mr Darcy’s mansion is optional


Private buses will be arranged based on the majority of arrival and departure times currently designated for Hong Kong flights. Below are estimated bus schedules, however, these will be confirmed once we have everyone’s flight itineraries. Don’t worry, no one will be left behind!


Arriving in Ireland

Dublin Airport: Buses depart around 11:00am with a 3 hour drive to the castle. Dublin has the highest number of flight options from International locations. We recommend leaving more than 1 hour transfer in London Heathrow as you may need to change terminals and boarding passes, and opt for a later connecting flight. We suggest British Airways BA828 8.35am arriving at 10:00am in Dublin, or Aer Lingus EI153 departing London Heathrow 8:50am and arriving 10:10am in Dublin.

Shannon Airport: Buses depart around 12:30pm with a 1.5 hour drive to the castle. Shannon is a mid-sized airport with flights from London Heathrow, New York JFK and others. We recommend Aer Lingus EI381 departing London Heathrow 9:50am and arriving Shannon at 11:15am.

Knock Airport: Buses depart at 12:30pm with a 1 hour drive to the castle. Knock is a very small airport with limited flight times, usually incoming from London Gatwick, Luton or Stanstead. No long-haul international flights. We recommend Ryanair FR8142 Departing London Luton 10:00am and arriving at Knock at 11:30.


Departing Ireland

Dublin Airport: First buses depart at 12:00pm to catch the 4:25pm flight to London Heathrow. We will also have additional buses to catch the later flights back to London departing the castle around 2.30pm to catch flights after 7pm.

Shannon Airport: Buses depart at 4:00pm to catch the 7:00pm flight to London Heathrow.

Knock Airport: Buses depart around 12:30pm to catch the 2:50pm flight to London Gatwick. (This flight no longer seems to be available, so a bus will be scheduled to catch the later 5.10pm flight to Stanstead, leaving the castle around 2.30pm)


Rental Cars

If you plan to rent a vehicle, remember that driving is on the correct side of the road (left!). You might also want to reserve a vehicle with automatic transmission as most rental cars in Europe are manual. The drive from Dublin is mostly on motorway with only the last 20 minutes on country roads. The drive from Shannon and Knock will have more country roads, but is a much shorter drive. We advise a GPS system be included in the rental. Rental rates are very reasonable, if you plan to do a little touring before or after the wedding. Hiring a car will give you much more flexibility on your arrival and departure times, though do note that you might be feeling a little worse for wear on the Sunday morning!

For directions and more transport options, please visit


Private Transport

If you wish to arrange your own private transport while in Ireland, we recommend both companies below:

Ireland Chauffeur Travel

Leonard Chauffeur

If you have any queries, please contact Guest Relations at


Helicopter Transfers

Ashford Castle can accommodate helicopter transfers from the major airports. Please contact guest relations at if you are interested in this option.



We would love for our guests to experience the magnificent Ashford Castle on the night of our wedding celebrations.

We have arranged a special rate for our guests on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th of July 2017.

The Castle has a very beautiful array of rooms with the following rates for our guests:

Corrib room  – 306 EUR
Corrib Lake room  – 337 EUR
Deluxe room  – 367 EUR
Deluxe Queen family room  – 445 EUR

Please click here to view information and images of the different style rooms.

Should you wish to experience the Castles Staterooms or Suites, the reservation team will be most happy to share these room rates with you.

To book your accommodation, please contact Aine Melvin by email ( or phone (+353 94 9546003).

Please state the McNulty-Wang wedding and wedding date July 14-16th 2017 on all correspondence with reservations.

The reservations team will also be happy to assist you should you wish to extend your stay at Ashford Castle.



Irish Slang!

Here are some useful words that might come in handy for your trip to Ireland! Challenge yourself and try to use a few in a sentence when you next see us! Extra points for trying an accent! Remember to drop the H after a T!

“Stocious” – drunk

“Paralytic” – drunk

“Jarred” – drunk

“Plastered” – drunk

“Polluted”  drunk

“Legless” – drunk

“Scuttered” – drunk

“Jacks” – toilet

“Hurl” – to vomit (“Where’s the best man?” “Oh he’s hurlin’ in the jacks, poor lad’s bloody scuttered.”)

“A Whale of a Time” – the only time you can have in Ireland—a good one

“A Hooley” – a shindig, a knees-up, a soiree, a few pints, a party, Peter and Grace’s wedding

“Savage” – can be good or bad, similar to the American usage of ‘gnarly’ ‘bad’ ‘righteous’ ‘vicious’ (“Peter and Grace’s wedding was one savage hooley!”)

“Shite” – shit (“Watch out for sheep shite!)

“Eejit” – (Idiot, with a brogue) = complete fool (“I feel like an eejit for RSVPing no to Peter and Grace’s wedding.”)

“Deadly” – fantastic, wonderful (Anything awesome in Ireland means more alcohol, which also means a higher chance of dying, therefore the more wonderful something is the more deadly it becomes — watch yoself.)

“Pissing” – raining

“Lash” – to rain  or give it a lash – to make an attempt at something or ‘to go on the lash’ – to out drinking

“Bucketing down” – raining a sh*t ton (As you may have guessed it rains a lot in Ireland so there are lots of words for it!)

“Grand” – alrighty, ok, sounds good

For Feck’s Sake” – OMG

“Black Stuff” – Guinness

“Banjaxed” – hopelessly broken (“Our rental car is bloodly banjaxed thanks to them narrow Irish roads!!”)

“Like” – used at the end of almost every sentence as a space filler and is, remarkably, not at all annoying as compared to the American compulsive use of ‘like’. (“I’m grand, like.” NOT “I’m like, grand.”)

“Red Sauce” – Ketchup

“You’re Arse is a Daisy” – you’re straight up LYING yo’

“A Couple Sandwiches Short of a Picnic” – when the Irish call you dumb, they tell you a story about a picnic and not having enough sandwiches.

“Trainers” – sneakers

“What’s the Craic?” – ‘Sup?

“Get Outta that Garden” – to express surprise or disbelief (“ah would ya get outta that garden!”!)

“Acting the maggot” – playing around

“Blackguard” – person that is doing no good (“Joffrey Baratheon chopped off Ned Stark’s head! That blackguard!”)

“Culchie” – A person from the countryside

“That’s Gas” – That’s funny

“Thick” – Pronounced “tick” meaning extremely stupid

“Slag”verb: To make fun of someone in a nice way, if not has the same meaning as elsewhere ie ‘a common prostitute’

“Leg it” – To run away quickly (“The men legged it once the bouquet was thrown.”)

“Donkey’s years” – For a very very long time (“Peter was dating Grace for Donkey’s years before he proposed.”)