The Wedding Celebration of

Irish Slang!

Here are some useful words that might come in handy for your trip to Ireland! Challenge yourself and try to use a few in a sentence when you next see us! Extra points for trying an accent! Remember to drop the H after a T!

“Stocious” – drunk

“Paralytic” – drunk

“Jarred” – drunk

“Plastered” – drunk

“Polluted”  drunk

“Legless” – drunk

“Scuttered” – drunk

“Jacks” – toilet

“Hurl” – to vomit (“Where’s the best man?” “Oh he’s hurlin’ in the jacks, poor lad’s bloody scuttered.”)

“A Whale of a Time” – the only time you can have in Ireland—a good one

“A Hooley” – a shindig, a knees-up, a soiree, a few pints, a party, Peter and Grace’s wedding

“Savage” – can be good or bad, similar to the American usage of ‘gnarly’ ‘bad’ ‘righteous’ ‘vicious’ (“Peter and Grace’s wedding was one savage hooley!”)

“Shite” – shit (“Watch out for sheep shite!)

“Eejit” – (Idiot, with a brogue) = complete fool (“I feel like an eejit for RSVPing no to Peter and Grace’s wedding.”)

“Deadly” – fantastic, wonderful (Anything awesome in Ireland means more alcohol, which also means a higher chance of dying, therefore the more wonderful something is the more deadly it becomes — watch yoself.)

“Pissing” – raining

“Lash” – to rain  or give it a lash – to make an attempt at something or ‘to go on the lash’ – to out drinking

“Bucketing down” – raining a sh*t ton (As you may have guessed it rains a lot in Ireland so there are lots of words for it!)

“Grand” – alrighty, ok, sounds good

For Feck’s Sake” – OMG

“Black Stuff” – Guinness

“Banjaxed” – hopelessly broken (“Our rental car is bloodly banjaxed thanks to them narrow Irish roads!!”)

“Like” – used at the end of almost every sentence as a space filler and is, remarkably, not at all annoying as compared to the American compulsive use of ‘like’. (“I’m grand, like.” NOT “I’m like, grand.”)

“Red Sauce” – Ketchup

“You’re Arse is a Daisy” – you’re straight up LYING yo’

“A Couple Sandwiches Short of a Picnic” – when the Irish call you dumb, they tell you a story about a picnic and not having enough sandwiches.

“Trainers” – sneakers

“What’s the Craic?” – ‘Sup?

“Get Outta that Garden” – to express surprise or disbelief (“ah would ya get outta that garden!”!)

“Acting the maggot” – playing around

“Blackguard” – person that is doing no good (“Joffrey Baratheon chopped off Ned Stark’s head! That blackguard!”)

“Culchie” – A person from the countryside

“That’s Gas” – That’s funny

“Thick” – Pronounced “tick” meaning extremely stupid

“Slag”verb: To make fun of someone in a nice way, if not has the same meaning as elsewhere ie ‘a common prostitute’

“Leg it” – To run away quickly (“The men legged it once the bouquet was thrown.”)

“Donkey’s years” – For a very very long time (“Peter was dating Grace for Donkey’s years before he proposed.”)