The Wedding Celebration of

Ashford Castle, Ireland

14-16 July 2017

Parents of The Bride

Patrick & Lucy Wang

Parents of The Groom

Peter & Susan McNulty

The Bride

Grace Wang

The Groom

Peter McNulty


  • Friday / 14th July / 7pm
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Cullin's Cottage
  • Casual attire with something green


  • Saturday / July 15th
  • Activities from 10am
  • Ceremony at 5pm
  • Formal attire, black tie optional


  • Sunday / July 16th
  • Hangover brunch, 10am - 2pm
  • Checkout at 12pm
  • Casual attire


the day we met...

Peter: I met Grace one evening, a long time ago. A friend asked if I wanted to meet some girls and little did I know that Grace would be there! She was sunburnt (and gorgeous) from spending most of the day wakeboarding and given I wakeboarded every weekend, we clicked instantly! We spent hours chatting, dancing and even discussing how many kids we wanted to have as I dropped her off on my way home. Unfortunately, she lived in the US and was leaving the next day and I lived in the UK. It is very easy to lose track of friends that live across oceans, but this was one person I would never forget. We stayed friends for many years until we were both once again in the same country and fell in love!

Grace: My friend (now bridesmaid) Amanda asked me to meet her and some friends for a drink the night before I left for my first year at college. At the bar, Amanda seemed rather preoccupied with her then boyfriend so I decided to strike up a conversation with a guy to my right. He was very pale and had too much gel in his hair but he had a very kind face and twinkling blue eyes. I started talking to this guy about wakeboarding, and before I knew it, the sun was rising. On the taxi ride home he told me that he wanted 10 kids, to which I answered "good luck to your future wife!" Little did I know that would be ME!

The greatest people you will ever meet!


I am Grace's favourite sister, Joyce. Since the beginning of time, I can remember taunting her with my creative bedtime stories. Later, we became partners in crime for all things silly. Today, she is the amazing"Yi-Yi" (aunt) to my two rascals Wolfie and Wren. She's my Grabusan, Zanilson, and Zanerd. When Stefan and I got married in 2010, Peter had made an indelible impression on me. He helped put up dozens of lanterns at our dinner venue and then again on a moving yacht. I knew then that he was groomed for a wacky bride. Lots of love to my Petri and Grabu.

JoyceMaid of Honour

hi i am christina- grace's FIRST cousin and FIRST best friend. we were born a month apart on the picturesque island of honolulu and were delivered by the same doctor! for those who know me would know i have always been a little/ a lot possessive of grace. it was difficult for me to share my cousin with this strange irish man peter. but alas, in the face of true love and "growing up- i have learned to share grace and am so ecstatic she has found her one true love.


Hi! I'm Janice - Grace's London-based best friend, fellow G&T drinker and sing star partner. Rewind back to c.2004 to when I first met Peter, the token white guy that hung out with my cousin Ben, in our favourite hangout, Chapter 8. We were to study at the same university however never met up (rude!) in the three years we overlapped. Fast forward to the summer of 2008 where I met my soon-to-be-best-friend Grace on a joy ride with Ben and Peter, we had the best summer hanging out and I was luckily enough to witness firsthand how P&G got together. Grace moved to London post-uni (yay!) where we lived together for three years, in which time we managed to cram in all sorts of mischief (lasers, Barca, cats & lots of vino), which cemented our friendship forever xxx


My name is Lois - I'm one of the bridesmaids - and I will always fondly remember Grace as the one who decided, obviously not against her own better judgment, to befriend a crazy child like me 25 years ago! Grace is one of my childhood best friends growing up and I met Peter around the same time Grace met him, at a totally classy and civilized bar in Hong Kong. As someone who has witnessed their relationship from the start, I can't even express how thrilled I am to be a part of their wedding - it's about time, Grace and Peter!


I've known Grace every since we were six years old and had the pleasure of first meeting Peter when we were all living in London back in 2011. Hands down, Peter and Grace are one of the most caring couples I'm lucky enough to be friends with. They regularly let me crash their dates, always make sure I’m watered and fed, coach me patiently while I spastically try to snowboard/wakesurf/scuba dive, and are my go-to pet loaning service when I’m in need (don’t ask). I could go on and on because they really are that amazing. I’m honoured to be a part of their special day and couldn’t be more excited for them as they start the rest of their lives together. Congratulations to the McWangs!


Childhood best friends since we were 5, Grace and I go way back to the bygone era when Sailor Moon was the bomb and weekly sleepovers were a ritual. I witnessed Grace & Peter's romantic liaison unfold over a cheeky summer holiday in Ibiza circa 2006. With a high propensity to burn, Peter demonstrated consistency by donning a burqa-esque rash guard every day. This was in stark contrast to Grace who opted for a 'bikini-a-day' approach like some Balearic Island mermaid, all golden and lovely. Fast forwarding 8 years later, I'm a proud friend to see both of you jump through exceptional hoops to go the distance! - Amanda



I am Max (Humusan) Streltses, and I am a very modest but talented, smart, ambitious, great at sport, team working with leadership skills, individual who is also really really good looking. Ha, clearly I am neither of these, but I am most definitely someone who was blessed to meet maestro McNulty and through him lady Grace. Much to tell why and how this indeed happened but they are now amongst my closest friends which makes me a happy man. With certainty I can also say that my excitement level ahead of the boom boom boom event is now almost uncontainable, and few people would be as happy as I am to see this awesome alliance finally happening. My contact details are obtainable from Pete so if anyone wants a dose of energy ahead of the event, do get in touch.

MaxBest Man

Hello. My name is Niall McNulty, I am in my late twenties, and I am currently living in Beijing. As you can probably guess, I know Peter and Grace because I am Peter’s brother. I have met Grace on several occasions and she’s an amazing person. Peter’s not too bad himself. I am extremely happy for the two of them and I count myself lucky to be one of the Groomsmen.


How do you know Peter & Grace? I'm Peter's youngest and most awesome brother, so he was stuck with me and I him! I live in New York City but I previously lived in London, and for a couple of years with Peter during the early years of their relationship. How would your friends describe you? An international man of mystery.


My name is David Hoyer (Hoyer for short) and I'm a financier by trade. Hobbies include gaming, movie binging, defying common sense and of course hanging out with the boys (of which Pete is one!). Had the great privilege of getting to know Peter back in German Swiss International School and he remains, to this day, the single most multi-talented, jack of all trades I've come across. His quick wit and quirky sense of humour are only matched by his dastardly Emerald Isle-charm -- who can blame Grace for falling prey to the McNulty? Peter has always been a blast of a friend to hang out with, be it downing aliens by the horde online, out on the open water behind a primed wakeboard tug, or earning our second prestige at Prive / Dragon-i. I can only wait with giddy excitement for what his new tenure as a McWang will bring!


Hi, I'm Andrew. I have had the privilege of knowing Pete since 16, during A levels. We pretty much done anything boys would do, from LAN cafe till early hours in the morning, face planting in wake boarding, party and dancing like crazy in a club and walking around Hyde park in the middle of the night. Peter is by far the most all-rounded guy I know to date; his technical expertise on all matters is unmatched and his loyalty and generosity as a friend is something that one is truly hard to find and which I treasure. I cannot begin to express my joy that Peter found his true love with grace, a wonderful person that I have come to discover and get to know over the years. I wish you guys every bit of happiness and joy in your next chapter in life; I can promise you that I'll be the naughty uncle to your kids who will spoil them with toys and candy treats!


I'm Benjamin Ngai (Just call me Ben). I first met Pete at Andrew's house when Andrew was hosting dinner. Never would i have thought i'd be meeting my first Irish friend then. I still remember all the times we used to hang out in Fong, our road trips to Sai Kung or the trips we took with me being the third wheel, all of them are treasured memories. I remember watching this pair of lovebirds become a couple. Pete has always been a great friend to hang out with. It's never boring being around him. Whether we are playing guitar hero or tinkering with our PCs it's always been fun. I wish the best for the couple and hope they will have a very happy life together.




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